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SmartSync™ Can Turn your Web Site into Beautiful Airbnb Listings

Even if you have a custom coded web site and booking engine, SmartSync™ can use the information found right on your web pages to create and update listings on Airbnb. When you change rates, availability, amenities, or even images, we transfer those changes to Airbnb.

We can also provide custom changes to the data - such as: auto-discounting rent as arrival dates get closer, or using different data and titles meant just for Airbnb.

Pricing: Costs can vary by account size. But, you only pay a fixed monthly per-unit price. No commissions, ever. Most accounts make-up our costs on their first booking.

Common Questions:

What Regions can SmartSync™ serve?

Best results are obtained with English sites, regardless of location, as long as your page contains rates, calendars, descriptions, and quality images.

What booking engines do you have direct connections to?

We don't actually need a direct connection, thanks to our extensive expertise in using your web pages. But, we have direct connections to Escapia, FRS, Rental Network (RNS) and RealTimeRental (RTR) among others.

Can I add SmartSync™ units to my existing account?

Yes, we can take-over updating content, rates and calendars on your current listings. And you can choose to leave some listings in “manual update” mode alongside our automated ones.

Can SmartSync™ take over my old account that is automated by a SmartSync™ competitor?

Yes, in almost all cases, this is easily done.

What if my web site does not display my rates?

If you can provide access to your rates in some other way, we can adapt our system to read them. For example, a spreadsheet, or private web page only we can reach.

To get started, or for answers to any questions, contact: Tech Support

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